A Final Griefbacon Announcement

updated April 2021 to avoid any confusion: I stopped publishing this newsletter in 2019 and wasn’t sure I would be bringing it back, so I sent the below email and cancelled subscriptions at that time. I then brought the newsletter back in late 2020, and it’s still publishing regularly as of now, and should continue to do so until whenever I announce otherwise, which I will give lots of warning about if it happens. the below post is not current!! xoH

Hi everybody. After a lot of consideration, I've decided to wind Griefbacon down and end this project at the end of 2019. It's been four years, almost exactly, since I started Griefbacon in Tinyletter form, and I've loved writing it so much, but it's time to move on and put that focus on other things. I have some other writing projects that are languishing that I need to devote more attention to, and this supposed side project has more and more been taking up the majority of my energy. I’d like to finish some things I should have finished a while ago. I miss working with editors; I want to start pitching new work again. I want to remind myself that I can do other types of writing, and other forms of this type of writing, too. I've always felt ambivalent and conflicted about this paid-subscription model of newsletter/content/whatever and I think the stress over that is more and more getting in the way of this being a useful writing exercise and a fun project. There are lots of reasons, but a main one is that no project goes on endlessly, or should. It can’t be leg day forever.

How this will work: New paid subscriptions are now closed (you can still sign up to be on the free email list). I'll continue to send griefbacon like normal (paid subscriber emails at least once a week, free emails at least once a month) until the end of December. On January first, all subscriptions will be cancelled, and that will be the end of paid Griefbacon content. If you had a yearly subscription and at that point you would like a partial refund, please email me, and I'll send you that refund through Stripe as quickly as possible. 

The archives will stay up for now, and if I decide to move them elsewhere, I'll send an email letting all of you know. I might very occasionally send a free email in the future using this address and this list.

As always, please email me with any questions. I've loved writing this letter/essay series/whatever it is so much for the last few years. I'm incredibly grateful to all of you, especially those of you who have been there all the way back since the beginning. Thanks to everyone who has posted about this newsletter, told people about it, shared it with loved ones. Thank you for hilarious and moving and wonderful emails, all of which I'm always honored and moved to read. Thank you for hanging out. It's been such an absolute joy to stay up late at night at the sleepover and tell secrets with you.