Thursday, June 14, 2018

griefbacon update

hi everyone - this isn’t the usual essay-letter, just a quick update. I’ve also just sent a new essay to subscribers only (check your email for it if you subscribe, although if you’re seeing this you probably saw it anyway), but I wanted to send an email to everyone on the list to let you know that Griefbacon is going subscriber-only for the rest of 2018.

I’ve said before that one or another free email was the last free email for a while but then not really stuck to it, and I need to change that. The thing is that I would so much rather send this letter for free, to everyone, every time, if I could, and so it’s hard for me not to send free ones to everybody. But it doesn’t actually make sense for me to do that (financially and in terms of other resources like time and etc) and, more importantly, it doesn’t feel fair to paying subscribers to have as many of these be free as be only for subscribers. So, this is the time to subscribe if you want to - for the rest of 2018, these will be subscriber-only. if you’d like to subscribe but can’t afford it, please email me and we can definitely get you set up with a gift subscription. I know that many of you would like to subscribe but the cost is prohibitive, and I want to (and can!) help every one of you who reaches out to let me know. Otherwise, tell your friends, sign up when you can, and hope to see all of you on the other side. xo