Thursday, June 14, 2018Subscriber update

stray cats

The square here is full of stray cats. One of the tiny cats who lives on the square is pregnant and I can’t stop thinking about it. Actually, two of them are, two cats who are almost like twins, skinny tabbies with dollop-of-cream feet and fluffy bottle-brush tails, but one of the two has green eyes, half of one ear missing, some kind of permanent smudge over her nose, and is hugely pregnant. Around dinner time when in the warm weather all the restaurants put tables outside, she winds around people’s legs and sits up in a perfect cat-shape, patiently asking for food. It’s made me basically unable to enjoy being here, because I can’t do anything about it. I’m leaving in five days and I’m staying in my mom’s house, so I can’t take her in and make her a nest of blankets and a safe place to have kittens, delivering food and water and monitoring everyone’s health. I can’t remove the danger, and I can’t look away.