Sitemap - 2021 - Griefbacon

what a stupid thing to be proud of: a subscriber discussion thread about our accomplishments

Here Are the Covid Symptoms for Omicron, the New Variant, According to Scientific Experts

kendall roy's terrible horrible no good very bad birthday party

world enough and time, a subscriber discussion thread


it's the most being a huge bitch time of the year (a subscriber discussion thread for complaining)

a kind of a gift guide and a thread for brags (subscriber discussion thread)

a fragment of the day


subscriber discussion thread: standing over the stove, making the room smell like heaven

bonfire night

the things you used to be afraid of, a subscriber discussion thread


a very special one year anniversary subscriber discussion thread

friends of peter's friends

what did you think was just you, a subscriber discussion thread about secret languages

more on the myth of old friends

the weird stuff you do when it's all too much, a subscriber discussion thread

what if fall actually sucks, a thread for complaining

old friends and the parties they throw

the change in the air, a subscriber discussion thread

teetering on the edge: a subscriber discussion thread

every tv show I have watched recently: part five, a secret email just for subscribers

every tv show I have binge-watched since however long our current nightmare has continued: part four

imagine being good at something: a subscriber discussion thread

the bad old days

everything green everything new

the department of dead and dying memes, part two: resurrecting old favorites (a subscriber discussion thread)

from the department of dead and dying memes: what's the biggest mood? (subscriber discussion thread)

next year when everything is green

appetites and consumption, a subscriber discussion thread

actually, I was wrong: a subscriber discussion thread

a green and pleasant land

the greenest color, pt 1

weird little rituals, a subscriber discussion thread

the greenest month

the couch: a final version

you've already told me that story, a subscriber discussion thread

what's in your cart, a subscriber discussion thread

airing our grievances, a subscriber discussion thread


love songs

the absolute best thing there is (subscriber discussion thread)

everyone is trying to help (subscriber discussion thread)

Don't Write Songs: Chatting with John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats about the band's new album

the best advice (subscriber discussion thread)

the couch part three

talking about the weather (subscriber discussion thread)

the couch part two

the one weird trick that fixes everything (a subscriber discussion thread)

the couch part one

a little break

love is a pizza (a subscriber discussion thread about food)


not for all the money in the world (subscriber discussion thread)

Here Is The CDC’s New List of Activities in Which Fully Vaccinated People Can Engage Without Masks

a subscriber discussion thread that just needs to do this one task and then everything will be better

parties after midnight

getting used to it (subscriber discussion thread)

three in the morning

all your favorite bad habits (subscriber discussion thread)

subscriber thread: the dreaded question

dressing up for the party

an ode to martinelli's sparkling apple cider

a subscriber discussion thread that knows what's good (a thread for your best recommendations of all kinds)

the duolingo owl

an extremely embarrassing subscriber discussion thread

the bar

writing about love

subscriber thread: nobody gets to stand still

the video store

thomas cromwell is real and strong and my friend

subscriber thread: it is very beautiful to be a huge bitch

the good weather and the next thing

golden hour

subscriber thread: the joys and failures of reading weather

fake spring

subscriber thread: third places

movie night

subscriber thread: latecomers


every tv show I have binge-watched so far in 2021

subscriber discussion thread: anniversaries

childhood friends

love and slush puddles

snow days and small mercies

a very large bowl of pasta

the conversation pit

subscriber thread: what's difficult today?

indoor jeans

subscriber thread: other rooms

may you live in text-your-ex times

subscriber thread: what are you looking forward to?

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